As Year End Approaches…..

Please consider the advantages of donating stock. A gift of stock not only helps the families we serve but may be a great tax-savings benefit to you. If you own appreciated stock (that you have held for at least one year and a day), it is almost always better to contribute stock than cash. When giving appreciated stock, you’ll receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock or mutual fund, and you’ll avoid capital gains tax. It’s a “win-win” gift for both you and BEAM

Your gift of appreciated stock will not only help us achieve our mission-critical goals, but it is an easy, tax-smart way for you to give to BEAM. For more information and because electronic transfers often arrive with no donor name attached, we ask that when donating stock you contact Susan King at (904) 241-7437 X1 or email to with your name and the number and type of shares of your donation. This allows us to attribute your gift correctly, send you the proper tax documentation, and thank you for your generosity and support.