How often can I receive food?
Every 30 days.

Do I have to be housed to receive assistance?

How often can I receive financial assistance?
For rent and utility assistance, you may receive service once every 18 months. For Beaches Energy Service, you may come every 12 months.

What do I have to bring with me?
For food or financial help:

  • A current lease with your name as an occupant
  • Picture ID for the person requesting assistance
  • Social security cards for everyone in your household
  • For financial services, you must also bring proof of income and proof of emergency along with the listed items.

Why can BES clients receive services once every 12 months?
BEAM acts as a screening agent for the City of Jacksonville Beach Beaches Energy Care fund. Therefore we follow the guidelines that City of Jacksonville Beach provide to us. They request that we offer assistance every 12 months.

Why do I have to bring my picture ID, social security cards and lease every time?
BEAM requires our clients to bring in their information every time because our clientele change their living situations frequently. Therefore, we do require you to bring in your information every time.

Why do I need to use 211 to schedule a financial appointment?
We request that you call 211 for a financial appointment because our partnership with United Way allows us to ask 211 to screen our appointments. They check with the clients to make sure that they are appropriate for our program and that they live in our service area. BEAM has found that this allows 211 to also make suggestions and referrals to other agencies that provide assistance.