BEAM’s Single Parent Program is designed to interrupt the cycle of poverty for local single mothers and their children.

Personalized case management and other services such as goal setting workshops, parenting workshops, and financial education are available for up to 3 years to enable clients in our beach communities to reach their self-sufficiency goals.

Program Requirements:

Enrollment is limited to 15 to 20 women. Here are the main qualifications:

  • Single mothers raising at least one child under age 18

  • Residents in the 5 zip code service area covering Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Mayport, Ponte Vedra Beach and JTB west to St Johns Bluff

  • Family income at or below 200% of poverty

  • Possession of at least a GED (or very close to achieving it)

  • Work history of at least 6 consecutive months in the last 3 years

  • Life circumstances that are now relatively stable

  • Personal strengths that can be channeled toward significant goals

  • Highly motivated to commit to the hard work of moving ahead

Program Benefits:

The program is offered in partnership with other community agencies but all services will be offered at BEAM or other Beaches locations. The program services include:

  • Client-driven goal setting process (short, mid and long term goals)

  • Group interventions focused on financial education and parenting

  • Engagement in career paths and related education that lead to higher wage jobs

  • Assistance with building financial assets to attain long term goals

  • Facilitated access to mental health counseling and other health services

  • Access to services to address legal barriers to employment

  • Assistance in finding affordable housing

  • Assistance with transportation and childcare barriers

Women who complete the program can expect measurable gains to self-sufficiency (e.g. sufficient income to move out of poverty, greater financial literacy, and better credit scores, increased savings, improved life and parenting skills.)


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